1. Prepare Your Lawn for Spring Like a Pro

    Do you want a beautiful lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood all summer long? If so, you’ve come to the right place. As your go-to turf specialists in Indiana, we’ve got what it takes to help you take your lawn to the next level this summer, and it all starts with t…Read More

  2. Preparing Sports Fields

    We need to prepare ourselves by having a game plan as well as a field plan. As you know, fields need to be maintained for safety, and longevity, all while staying on a budget. This will be an overview of several things to keep in mind while planning your season. Mowing Depen…Read More

  3. How to Measure your Lawn

    If you wish to sod or over seed your-self, you need to know the square footage.  When measuring, try to break down your lawn into simple shapes like below. This will help with calculating the area. Square or Rectangle ShapesCircle ShapesTriangle ShapesTrapezoid ShapesIrregu…Read More

  4. Welcome to our Lawn Care Service Blog!

    Lawn Care Services You Can Count On Hello, and welcome to Moster Turf! We wanted to start our blogging efforts by welcoming those seeking lawn care. Whether you’re in need of a service, or you’re looking for advice, or are interested in knowing more about our lawn care s…Read More

  5. Turf Watering Tips

    This is the most important, and often, most overlook part of your new lawn. Watering immediately after installation is critical to getting the sod off and growing. The following are tips we came up with to help. Time of year and temperature, rainfall, and other factors all e…Read More

  6. Matching Soil Types

    For Athletic Fields it is important to match the soil types from the sod field to your field, especially if you have a sand base field. Sod raise on clay or conventional ground will never root into a sand base field. Same thing will happen if the sod is grown on peat soil wh…Read More