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Trim Free Borders® was developed by Moster Turf and is a revolutionary product that frees up valuable time and money with the constant trimming of your lawn, making it a perfect addition to hardscapes, buildings, fences, landscapes, or posts. The specially designed artificial turf is colored and textured to match your natural grass and is made in the U.S.A. The benefits of Trim Free Borders are a long-lasting, environmentally-friendly edging material that doesn’t need trimming, stops erosion and saves time and money.

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Trim Free Borders Around Landscape


The crew at Moster Turf did a great job. The pet turf they put down turned out great, our two dogs love it. The crew also put sod in the rest of the back yard and it all looks great. I always say you get what you pay for and it was worth every dime we spent. If you need pet turf or sod I think you should give Moster Turf a try, you won't be disappointed.

Greg S. Rushville, IN

We had them install the Trim Free Border under our backyard fence line. We have been more than satisfied with the product and the service we received. Trim Free Borders has not only eliminated the need to trim under the fence, but saved us countless trimmer line and my back! We could not be happier.

Tom D, West Chester, OH

Wow! It was sure a pleasure to see how Trim-Free Borders looked in our front yard around our curved brick landscaping as well as our straight areas. I think Trim-Free is a tremendous addition to our property!

Additionally, I was totally pleased with how easy it is to lay and to secure. It is very simple to position and quite easy to secure. After the installation, I found it to be a cinch to maintain! The Trim-Free looks tremendous.

Darryl S. Brookville, IN

Our 2 dogs had ruined our lawn. Bare dirt spots and we had straw in areas to keep mud controlled. Looked pathetic. Moster Turf installed “pet” AstroTurf, looks STUNNING. Such a great crew also. Kept site clean and no foul language! Highly recommend them!

Carole K. Connersville, IN

I would highly recommend Moster Turf company, they replaced all of the area where I had previously used mulch. This sod grew terrific and it is so easy to take care of now all I do is drive over it with my riding mower. Moster Turf also used an imitation grass around the walls of my house where the new sod was being placed. I can drive my mower all the way up to it and let it touch my house without hurting anything because of the imitation turf. The nice part about the imitation turf is that I have no trimming to do around the house because the turf looks exactly like my grass.

Larry S. Fishers, IN

I opted to go with the Trim Free Border around our ballparks in the city and it was the best thing we have ever done. It saves a lot of extra time for our workers and it looks great too. I would recommend this feature to anyone who is considering this option.

Kelly M. Mayor of Lawrenceburg
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