A beautiful lawn stems from superior seed.

That’s why Moster Turf offers only premium-quality blends that are far superior to those sold at discount or home improvement stores. We select the best varieties for your conditions to ensure a dark green color, disease resistance and drought tolerance. Both our Moster Turf Kentucky Bluegrass and Moster Turf Tall Fescue blends are designed specifically for use in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana.

The seed fills in nicely and works well in full sun and in partial shade, you may want to consider a combination of seed with partial sod, particularly in larger square footage areas. You can purchase our products for DIY application, or ask us to handle the tasks for you. 

premium-quality seed

Moster Turf Tall Fescue Seed Blend

This blend was chosen for its darker color, drought resistance, and disease tolerance.

Moster Turf Bluegrass Seed Blend

This blend was selected for its drought resistance, as well as its disease tolerance and dark green color. It is also equipped with rhizomes for a quick recovery in case of damage.

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