Turf Products

​Our turf products include quality seed, fertilizer, straw blankets and pins to maximize the performance of a beautiful lawn.


Our fertilizers are carefully selected to be the perfect blends to maximize the performance of your lawn.



Pins can be purchased by the box or individually. Call for assistance in pricing.



Wheat straw is an all-natural product used to protect new seeding and limit erosion while helping maintain moisture. The straw will naturally break down so there is no need to remove. For correct application, spread straw covering 90% of bare soil.

Straw blanket

Straw Blanket

The single sided erosion control blanket is a machine produced mat of 100% premium agricultural weed-free straw with an expected longevity of up to 12 months. (Longevity may very due to climatic condition, geographic location, and elevation) The blanket is a consistent thickness with straw spread evenly throughout the entire blanket. The blanket is covered on top with polypropylene netting having approximate .50” x .50” mesh with photodegradable accelerant to provide breakdown within 6-18 months. The blanket is sewn together on 2.0” inch centers with photodegradable thread.



​The seed fills in nicely and works well in full sun and in partial shade. ​You ​May want to consider a combination of seed with partial sod, particularly in larger square footage areas.

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