Straw blanket

Straw Blanket

The single sided erosion control straw blanket is a machine produced mat of 100% premium agricultural weed-free straw with an expected longevity of up to 12 months. (Longevity may very due to climatic condition, geographic location, and elevation) The blanket is a consistent thickness with straw spread evenly throughout the entire blanket. The blanket is covered on top with polypropylene netting having approximate .50” x .50” mesh with photodegradable accelerant to provide breakdown within 6-18 months. The blanket is sewn together on 2.0” inch centers with photodegradable thread.

  • Temporary erosion control
  • Slope and channel support/restoration
  • Wind areas where traditional straw blows away
  • Promotes faster germination
  • Allows grass seed to stay in place
  • Wind protection where traditional straw blows away

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